In February of this year, amidst the meat-gorging, I also quietly celebrated the 1 year anniversary of getting diabetes by sitting down at my computer, looking over these blog posts, and doing what I do best. Or…. OK, if not “best”, at least “most doggedly and inevitably”.

Slowly but surely, I started typing in final draft, turning my pages and pages of blog posts into pages and pages of a script. I floated the idea of this script around to my nearest and dearest, starting a lot of discreet conversations with “what would you think about…” or “I’m thinking of…”, and, for the most part, people responded with enthusiasm. Buoyed by this enthusiasm, I pounded out a script, and, against my better judgment, threw it into the running for the 2015 New York International Fringe Festival. and it got in.

I will be performing in it. Stefan’s directing. We’re pulling together a team to make this happen right now. much, much, much, much more info to come, but suffice it to say, I am extremely excited and EXTREMELY terrified to bring this to the stage. august 2015.





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