Meet the Team: Sebastian

Sebastian and I have been friends since freshman year of college. At the time, I figured I was just getting an incredible, funny, kind, thoughtful, supportive, and loyal friend out of the deal. Had I known I was also getting an incredible, supportive, genius, talented visual artist and collaborator, too – well, I may have cracked under the pressure of trying to get Seba to be my friend. You guys; he’s that good.

from the Jessie Bear archives

Everyone should follow Seba’s webcomic SebaSM Comics, which he updates regularly with comics that are truly funny and full of his generous, soulful spirit. Like I aspire to do with Type What Now, he manages to make himself vulnerable through his work in a way that is both touching and really powerful.

Throughout the years, I have called on Sebastian’s talents in myriad ways, starting with sophomore year of college when I cajoled him into beginning his acting career by performing as “the waiter” in my Directing 1 final project in which I staged Act 1 of Caryl Churchill’s Top Girls. (I still maintain he should continue said acting career).

i love this picture and everyone in it

When I look around my apartment, I see Sebastian everywhere and it makes me tremendously happy. There’s this stunning print he created that I begged/bullied/wore him down into giving me in college:




He also designed the logo for Murmuration Theater Company:



As well as the incredible poster for our premiere production, Makeshift:


In case I haven’t convinced you yet: Sebastian’s really, really good at what he does, and I am thrilled, honored, and psyched to have him on board for Type What Now. Not only did he design our program guide icon and postcard, he will also be designing some AMAZING graphics that we’ll be projecting during the show. I honestly don’t want to give away more than that, because it’s going to be SOOOO cool and I don’t want to spoil it for you guys, but if you’ve ever read any of the “science-y” parts of my blog and thought “gee, I wish there was some sort of illustration to help me understand this”, well THANKS TO SEBASTIAN, there will be in Type What Now!

my actual notes from show brainstorming.

I’m excited. Have I mentioned I’m excited? Having such an amazing team on board helps to convince me that this show is legit, like, a real show with real talent. Even if my acting sucks and my writing sucks and I get laughed offstage or people walk out (all my worst fears), at least you’ll have pretty things to look at that will look really damn professional thanks to Sebastian. And now, since I know that he’s reading this and cringing (you guys, I surround myself with the most amazingly talented but incredibly humble people!), I will spare him and stop, but first I will leave you with this sneak peak of our icon! The incredible Sebastian does it again!




2 thoughts on “Meet the Team: Sebastian

  1. This is too sweet! None of this would be happening without your excellent, courageously honest writing of course, so don’t forget that you are the sun around which the rest of the play’s talent orbits! 😉 Will do my best to live up to your praise!

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