Taking Charge of Your Diabetes – Again

Remember when I complained about the stupid pamphlet my insurance company sent me about diabetes? 

They sent it again! That’s because I’ve switched insurances, and I guess my new plan has, also, discovered that I have diabetes. I wonder what tipped them off? (I’m gonna guess the insulin prescriptions. Or like, the diagnostic code. Which, in case you’re wondering, is 250.01 (diabetes mellitus type 1 without complication, not stated as uncontrolled.)

(I’m also the proud owner of diagnostic code 530.13 – eosinophilic esophagitis. Which I share for no other reason than it’s been burned into my brain, so… yeah.)

My second time perusing this pamphlet I notice not just the patronizing tone and utter lack of useful information, but actually a straight up inaccuracy.


Let’s compare this un-cited”fact” (that: “Type 1 is most often seen in young people. But some adults can have it too”) with this actually cited fact from the JDRF:


So…. cool. “Taking Charge of Your Diabetes” has now crossed over from frustrating and patronizing and stupid to actually straight up factually inaccurate.


***Another cool fact! Turns out, I wrote everything above with a blood sugar of 44. It’s getting harder and harder for me to feel lows until it’s too late and I REALLY feel them. I didn’t notice this last one until my phone told me. Yeah, the Dexcom now can display your blood glucose to your phone:


It’s like getting a text from your body, but not in a fun way!

Anyway… that’s pretty much everything that’s gone down in my life since I last posted in October of 2015.


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