it’s been a while

but i’ve been on hold with insurance the whole time, so…

2 thoughts on “it’s been a while

  1. Uuummm, I’m the most untechy person on the planet but I’m wanting to reach out to anyone having problems with Dexcom and their policies and treatment of their customers. This is the email that I sent them after being on the phone 2 hours the day before and trying to place the order November 27 , another call to them in follow up and still waiting….The insurance did change but I called the company to update it, I assumed everything was taken care of at that time, boy I was totally wrong and to make it better, I was never called or emailed that there was a problem.
    I was asked in an email to verify information for the secondary insurance, which I have already given them several months ago.
    So as you can guess, I lost it😡

    Jaclynn’s step mother is the policy holder. Her name is ……. and date of birth is …….This is information that was already provided before and yet another day my daughter goes without having this device to alert her to her high and low blood sugars. I find the way this been handled TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE.
    One of the main reasons we obtained this device is to keep her safe, which is not happening because you will not even send ONE transmitter to her while this stupid mess is straightened out! Why is that? Our bill is paid in full and have been a customer for at least three years.
    If anything happens to her because she doesn’t have this device, I WILL HOLD your company responsible.
    Patricia Ripoll
    Any help or suggestions anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated.


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