Welcome to the blog!

Hello! My name is Jessie and I’m so thrilled you found this blog!

Spoiler alert: I have diabetes. I got it in 2014 and it came out of nowhere and it super fucked up the way I think about body image, health, chronic illness, gratitude, and all sorts of other things. That’s the short version. Here’s the long version:


WJH Part 1
WJH Part 2
WJH Part 3
WJH Part 4
WJH Part 5
WJH Part 6
WJH Part 7


LWD First 2 Months
LWD My Hair
LWD My First Low
LWD On Mortality
LWD On Beauty
LWD Technology

THEN: I made the fairly ridiculous decision to do a clinical trial.

The Clinical Trial

TCT Part 1
TCT Part 2
TCT Part 3


I have complained about National Diabetes Month, had a breakdown on the subwayfailed at my first Thanksgiving with Diabetes, and had another breakdown.

Oh yeah, then there was the business of the second autoimmune disorder.

Would You Like An Autoimmune Disorder with your Autoimmune Disorder? 

WYL Part 1
WYL Part 2
WYL Part 3
WYL Part 4
WYL Part 5
WYL Part 5.5

4 thoughts on “Welcome to the blog!

  1. Do you send out a news letter type thing? Am also new in this, this looks like a good place to chill and find out some more…. Mail me


  2. Love your blog!
    As T1d since August 1979 I estimate at least 70,000 injections and almost that many fingersticks. Overwhelming to think about that many.

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