oh boy…

if there is a "big time" for diabetes, you guys, this may be it. November is National Diabetes Awareness month. (Do you remember my saucy, angry post from two years ago?) As such, the JDRF has partnered with an amazing podcast called Beta Cell, run by an amazing guy, Craig Stubing. Craig's podcast focuses on the lives … Continue reading oh boy…


when preparation is empowerment

I'm not sure I've had diabetes long enough to be dispensing advice, but 2.5 years in, I can't help myself, so bear with me. I love to travel. My love for travel, while not necessarily unique among humans, is powerful—bestowed on me by a wanderlust-filled family. And while I won't say that I ever thought, … Continue reading when preparation is empowerment

Another Fictional Dystopia I Would Die In

I was reading People Magazine the other day (and YOU'RE WELCOME for singlehandedly keeping print media in business) and I came across a quick review of that show Colony on USA Network. It's by Carlton Cuse, the guy who did Lost, and it stars a guy from Lost. You know, the show you've seen a billion subway ads … Continue reading Another Fictional Dystopia I Would Die In