A long-overdue life update

There's so much to say that I legitimately don't know where to start. (Which, in and of itself, is kind of a cliche way to start, so apologies to my readers who are just here for my wholly original and fresh writing style.) The last time I was consistently updating, I was just moments out … Continue reading A long-overdue life update

Reflections on 7 weeks with a service dog

Is this "reflections" post a poorly-disguised excuse to share as many pictures as I can of Mickey? (PS follow him on instagram @mickeytheservicedog. HASHTAG SHAMELESS.) Yeah, I think it pretty much is, but whatever. Who doesn't need more dog pictures in their life? It's been just about 7 weeks since we got Mickey, and the … Continue reading Reflections on 7 weeks with a service dog

That diabetes guy from The Bachelor

I have a long-overdue apology to make. As a perennial hate-watcher of The Bachelor and related franchise shows, I get a lot out of passing violent judgment on anyone insane enough to opt into a reality dating show. Stefan and I debate vociferously about why anyone would ever, ever, ever do it. He doesn't believe my argument that, ultimately, … Continue reading That diabetes guy from The Bachelor