A really awesome thing

Full disclosure: I have been completely chicken shit about posting this; in fact, I've put off posting it for about 6 months. Because we've made a Big Decision, and the thing about Big Decisions is that everyone tends to feel like they have the right to an opinion on them. In researching this Big Decision we … Continue reading A really awesome thing

Another Fictional Dystopia I Would Die In

I was reading People Magazine the other day (and YOU'RE WELCOME for singlehandedly keeping print media in business) and I came across a quick review of that show Colony on USA Network. It's by Carlton Cuse, the guy who did Lost, and it stars a guy from Lost. You know, the show you've seen a billion subway ads … Continue reading Another Fictional Dystopia I Would Die In

Taking Charge of Your Diabetes – Again

Remember when I complained about the stupid pamphlet my insurance company sent me about diabetes?  They sent it again! That's because I've switched insurances, and I guess my new plan has, also, discovered that I have diabetes. I wonder what tipped them off? (I'm gonna guess the insulin prescriptions. Or like, the diagnostic code. Which, in … Continue reading Taking Charge of Your Diabetes – Again