That one resident

It took about a year to resolve all the outstanding bills from Paul's birth. I had foolishly hoped that, since this particular hospital stay was quasi-routine (I mean, so many people have babies, right?!) the billing/payment for it would be straightforward. It was anything but. It started out normally enough: we got a bill that … Continue reading That one resident

What. Just. Happened: The (world’s greatest) Endocrinologist (Part 6)

Part 6. For Part 5, click here.  For Part 4, click here. For Part 3, click here.  For Part 2, click here.  For Part 1, click here.  I have the world’s greatest endocrinologist. She is the world’s greatest endocrinologist for a million reasons; many of which you will hear about as I continue with this … Continue reading What. Just. Happened: The (world’s greatest) Endocrinologist (Part 6)