Diabetes: Day 1,567

This afternoon, I cooked myself lunch. I scrambled an egg with melted leek, split a whole wheat-millet muffin and popped it in the toaster, plated it all, garnished the egg with a bit of matcha sea salt and a basil leaf, filled a glass with water, then walked to my living room. I balanced the … Continue reading Diabetes: Day 1,567

when preparation is empowerment

I'm not sure I've had diabetes long enough to be dispensing advice, but 2.5 years in, I can't help myself, so bear with me. I love to travel. My love for travel, while not necessarily unique among humans, is powerful—bestowed on me by a wanderlust-filled family. And while I won't say that I ever thought, … Continue reading when preparation is empowerment

Living With Diabetes: (My) First Thanksgiving

I’ve mentioned this before, but one of the things that always struck me about the diabetics I’ve met since being diagnosed is how proprietary they can be about “their data”. I’m not sure why this was always such a surprise– if I’d given it any real thought then it would have been obvious why no … Continue reading Living With Diabetes: (My) First Thanksgiving