How we got Mickey (Part 2)

Part 1. We'd done our research. We'd sent in the deposit. We waited (im)patiently. And finally we'd gotten the call, and committed to Mickey. (We'd even given him the name!) Then the doubt set in. Not doubt that a service dog was the wrong decision; rather, I became insanely nervous that I was going to, after all, … Continue reading How we got Mickey (Part 2)

That diabetes guy from The Bachelor

I have a long-overdue apology to make. As a perennial hate-watcher of The Bachelor and related franchise shows, I get a lot out of passing violent judgment on anyone insane enough to opt into a reality dating show. Stefan and I debate vociferously about why anyone would ever, ever, ever do it. He doesn't believe my argument that, ultimately, … Continue reading That diabetes guy from The Bachelor

when preparation is empowerment

I'm not sure I've had diabetes long enough to be dispensing advice, but 2.5 years in, I can't help myself, so bear with me. I love to travel. My love for travel, while not necessarily unique among humans, is powerful—bestowed on me by a wanderlust-filled family. And while I won't say that I ever thought, … Continue reading when preparation is empowerment