Dear Animas

Dear Animas, Just got your letter; thanks for sending. You don't know this, but I'm actually getting married next week, and the thing about planning a wedding is that it forces you into a thousand-and-one interesting, challenging, and at times excruciating social confrontations. There's the people who don't RSVP to your wedding who you have … Continue reading Dear Animas

when preparation is empowerment

I'm not sure I've had diabetes long enough to be dispensing advice, but 2.5 years in, I can't help myself, so bear with me. I love to travel. My love for travel, while not necessarily unique among humans, is powerful—bestowed on me by a wanderlust-filled family. And while I won't say that I ever thought, … Continue reading when preparation is empowerment

Another Fictional Dystopia I Would Die In

I was reading People Magazine the other day (and YOU'RE WELCOME for singlehandedly keeping print media in business) and I came across a quick review of that show Colony on USA Network. It's by Carlton Cuse, the guy who did Lost, and it stars a guy from Lost. You know, the show you've seen a billion subway ads … Continue reading Another Fictional Dystopia I Would Die In