Living With Diabetes: Identity Crisis

The other day I got a big package in the mail. I found it waiting at my front door when I came home: a 10x10x10 brown box, promising mysteries and surprises aplenty. Addressed to me! I should have noticed, of course, the return address label which read "Animas", but in the thrill of the chase... I … Continue reading Living With Diabetes: Identity Crisis


Living With Diabetes: (My) First Thanksgiving

I’ve mentioned this before, but one of the things that always struck me about the diabetics I’ve met since being diagnosed is how proprietary they can be about “their data”. I’m not sure why this was always such a surprise– if I’d given it any real thought then it would have been obvious why no … Continue reading Living With Diabetes: (My) First Thanksgiving

Living With Diabetes: On Mortality

Someone, in posting about my blog on Facebook, mentioned that one of the issues it covered was “mortality”. I hadn't thought that was particularly a subject I was writing about, but today's post proved me solidly wrong. Of course this blog is about mortality. It's a blog about chronic illness. In a way, can the two possibly be … Continue reading Living With Diabetes: On Mortality

What. Just. Happened: The (world’s greatest) Endocrinologist (Part 6)

Part 6. For Part 5, click here.  For Part 4, click here. For Part 3, click here.  For Part 2, click here.  For Part 1, click here.  I have the world’s greatest endocrinologist. She is the world’s greatest endocrinologist for a million reasons; many of which you will hear about as I continue with this … Continue reading What. Just. Happened: The (world’s greatest) Endocrinologist (Part 6)